3 Continuous Myths About SEO You Should Really Reconsider Before Believing Them

December 13th, 2014

Every niche, industry, and story that you could possibly think about has some detractors. This is especially true when you start to work within the 4 walls of tech. Millions of people are pushing out content right now and some of it is going to definitely cause you to see a big push in the wrong direction. The problems associated with this are numerous, and will definitely cause you to end up losing market share in your site, because you will end up believing them and perhaps even trying things out for your website overall.

SEOThe reason why lies and myths are perpetuated and proliferate the online world is because they seem to be ok, or right. This happens a lot in regards to the world of internet marketing. You are going to be hard pressed not to find a conspiracy theory in regards to this, especially on how there’s a “secret” cabal of search engine marketing that only a few people know about. Yes, there are a few people that have made serious money with affiliate marketing, and even selling books online, but chances are that they built their fortune by selling information to others about this type of thing.

At the end of the day, if you want to build on the right solutions moving forward, you will want to isolate a variety of different measurements and focus on building the right components overall. If you want to build to a successful platform, then you will want to look at a few myths that you should not believe in regards to SEO. Setting up a website is easy, getting a movement forward becomes difficult if you aren’t paying attention to what you need to do outside of the mythos of optimization. The following are just 4 things that you should be considering.

SEO Is Fast

There’s nothing fast about true search engine optimization. That’s right, there’s absolutely nothing that you can do right now that is going to end up helping you get moving forward. SEO is methodical, it’s slow, and it can end up being painstaking for most people. If you set this up correctly, you could end up moving towards a lot of traffic, but it won’t happen fast. The reason why there’s no way to speed this up is because there are a lot of elements at play here. There is so much, in fact, that you are going to have to hire someone to do it all. If you have 40 hours to dedicate on your marketing a week, then you have the tool kit to get a lot of traffic. However, if you do not have a great deal of time on your hands, then you are going to have to hire a professional to help you gain the right elements of success.

SEO Can Deliver Sales

Yes, SEO can deliver sales but not in the way that it’s being sold. Just because you do everything right in terms of optimization, doesn’t mean that you are going to get paid within the world of marketing. You are going to find that the traffic that you get still has to be marketed to through a variety of means. Your landing page for optimization has to be able to convey a good message to the end user, or they are going to walk away. You have to placate the issues that many are dealing with and by that, you have to upload pages that are going to get moving forward in the right direction. SEO cannot deliver sales alone, you have to cycle through various marketing channels to make sure that your traffic is in fact going to answer your call to action.

SEO Is Simple

There is nothing simple about the true core elements of search engine optimization. Yes, you can understand the defining points, but as far as implementing the correct elements for your site, you are going to have a problem. Just because someone is selling a “blueprint” for SEO, doesn’t mean that it’s going to help you get moving forward. In fact, millions of people have seen their pages diminish in value because they were not able to isolate the right relationship within the marketing elements needed to move forward. SEO is not a simple thing that you can just turn on and off, it takes time, and even when you do everything right, there are issues in your niche that you will have to deal with.

The biggest thing that you have to take away from all of this is simple, in contrast, and that’s hiring someone. If you hire a professional to build the right collateral moving forward, you are going to end up with a positive solution that will garner you a great deal of success moving forward. Getting to a point where you are able to gain leverage through search engine solutions is a good thing, but it’s important that you are not letting things end up isolate in the wrong areas. You need to focus on the world of marketing as a whole and you have to take your time, and build the right bridges. Hiring someone can alleviate the stress here, and produce results fast.