Building A Blog That Actually Gets Read and Shared

Right now there are millions of blogs out there. You can find a blog on any major topic that you can think of and there’s probably someone building posts and ideas for it all the time. You may want to get through the many pages and pages that are published and just be a consumer, which is not a bad idea, but if you’re planning on setting up a page for yourself, you’re going to want to look at how to build a blog that actually gets read. You can’t just publish a page and start to see a huge influence and traffic coming through with ease. There are elements of this that you’re going to have to look into as a whole, and it starts with focusing on the topic, domain name and more.

If you’re looking at figuring out how to build a site that gets read, you’ll need to have content, SEO and more. The following steps will help you build on the premise of setting up a blog, even though there are millions of pages in place right now. The more you focus on this, the higher the changes are that you will be a top blogger in no time. Just remember, this isn’t without some work, so if you think that you’re going to just hit the publish button and get a lot of influence, you’re going to be terrible wrong.

The Name Game

First and foremost, make sure that you are looking at registering a good domain name. Don’t just go personal here, think about the keywords that you are targeting and look at getting the best possible name registered. If you are building your site on a free host, this is still important. Don’t go with something that is not going to be memorable and that doesn’t have a certain amount of collateral in terms of naming conventions for the search results. Search engines look at the keywords that you have in your domain URL as much as anything else that they are doing, so keep that in mind. Build the site with a solid foundation, and start with a good overall name as a result.

The Publishing (Content)

SEOOnce you have a name in place, don’t worry about your template right away. Instead, focus on building content that is going to get you into the right arenas. You do not want to just publish anything straightway, you want to take your time and look for options that are going to help you build on the right elements overall. That means that you will want to publish content that is diverse, dynamic, keyword rich, and heavy in terms of information. The worse thing that you can do when publishing blog posts is update things with terrible information or shorthanded elements. Take your time building a stockpile of posts and then schedule to let them out over time. Don’t just publish a ton of content right away, take your time, and build on the right pieces if you’re going to end up with a positive outcome.

If you aren’t sure what to publish, don’t worry. Look at the competition that you have in your niche and then cycle through the different options that are found there and publish accordingly. Doing so will give you a great deal of a push forward and could very well change the way you see blogging as a whole.

Start A PPC Campaign

There’s a lot of different networks that you can use for this, but you will want to look into building campaigns here for the greater good of your site. You will want to have a good overall campaign of influence within the world of PPC so that you are able to bring fort the traffic necessary to sustain your audience. You will not be able to build a good audience without traffic and the easiest way to start bringing people in is to work with this type of advertising. You can pay as little as $0.01 per hit and that’s a good thing. Don’t go overboard here and try several keywords and landing pages overall. You’ll find that if you do this correctly, you will gain a serious amount of leverage moving forward.

Keep Posting

The number one thing that you want to do aside from the above is simple, keep posting. The more you post the more you will look as though you’re serious. You want to look serious online and you don’t want to have a page that is dormant or that doesn’t get updated nearly enough. Too often bloggers end up losing their market share or growing a site slower than they’d hope because they don’t look at posting over the long haul. Take your time and you’ll gain marketing credibility overall.

One last thing that you should look into is SEO. Search engine optimization is the key to sustaining your market share over time, and it is not to be rushed. While the above can have a bit of expedition, don’t work within the parameters of optimization too fast, as it will end up causing you a bit of detriment overall. Take your time, and build on the right areas overall.